Staff Directory

Kimberly Akimoff 1201491

Ms. Akimoff is our Fourth Grade Teacher. She earned her BA in Psychology from Sonoma State University and her Masters of Science in Curriculum and Instruction from Dominican College. She also holds a California multiple subject credential. Ms. Akimoff has been in Christian education since 1992 and has been with Redding Christian School since 2015. E-mail:

Mike Berry 12413

Mr. Berry is our K-12 PE teacher and Varsity Soccer coach.  Mike’s Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry and experience as a former athlete and coach create an excitement and focus for our children. Mr. Berry joined RCS in 2014. E-mail:

Marti Bigelow   11960

Mrs. Bigelow teaches Middle and High School Math. Mrs. Bigelow has her Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics with an emphasis on Statistics and she is finishing her California Teaching Credential. Mrs. Bigelow has been with the RCS family since 2005. E-mail:

Nicole Burnett   11960

Mrs. Burnett is our Second Grade Teacher. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Christian Teacher Education from Shasta Bible college. Mrs. Burnett was a teacher at RCS from 2002-2005 and returned to Redding Christian School in 2015. E-mail:

Jenn Callaway

Mrs. Callaway is teaching in Second Grade. Mrs. Callaway has over 17 years’ experience as a classroom teacher before joining RCS in 2018. She is a strong support for her colleagues and is very adept at differentiating instruction. Mrs. Callaway has a B.A. in Liberal Arts and multiple subject teaching credential from Chico State. E-mail:

Mindy Churchin

We are blessed to have Mindy Churchin on our staff as a credentialed Special Education Teacher. She has much experience in the regular ed classroom as well as with special needs students. She has a B.A. from Chico State with Mild/Moderate  and Moderate/Severe Education Specialist credentials. Mrs. Churchin joined RCS in 2018. E-mail:

Sherrie Combs   12335

Mrs. Combs is one of our middle school teachers. Mrs. Combs primarily teaches sixth grade students along with Middle School Electives. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Biola University, and has her California multiple subject teaching credential. She has over 20 years of teaching experience including three years in Germany and four years teaching in Japan with DoDDS. Mrs.Combs has been at RCS since 2007. E-mail:

David Costillo

Mr. Costillo is our High School Bible Teacher. He earned his MA in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care from Talbot School of Theology in 2007. His work with Biola University and many non-profit organizations prepared him and his wife to establish The Refuge Retreat Center in Shingletown in 2017. He joined RCS faculty in 2018. Mr. Costillo’s professional writing, speaking and teaching experiences with spiritual formation will be of significant benefit to our students and staff. E-mail: 

Debbi Darrah

Mrs. Darrah is our Secretary and school registrar. She has been with Redding Christian School since 2014.


Kara Deardorff

Mrs. Deardorff teaches Middle and High School math and is the school yearbook teacher. She joined RCS in 2019. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Simpson University in Liberal Studies.

Sarah Dinius

Mrs. Dinius eared her B.A. in Elementary Education from Grand Canyon University. She joined the RCS team in 2018 and has both her state credentials for Arizona as well as ACSI teaching credentials.

Jessica Douglas

Ms. Douglas joined the RCS family in 2019. She earned her B.A. in Elementary Education and Intercultural studies with a minor in Biblical Studies from Biola University.

Rose Drake

Mrs. Drake teaches 1st grade and joined RCS in 2017. She has her B.A in Elementary Education from Alderson Broaddus University with a multiple subject teacher credential. E-mail:

Jennifer DiGiuseppe   12069

Mrs. Di Giuseppe teaches middle and high school electives and middle school history. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from Fresno Pacific University she attended Chapman University and acquired her California Teaching Credential. Mrs. Di Giuseppe has her ACSI Teaching Credential. She currently teaches Middle School History, Technology, Cooking and Yearbook. She has been with RCS since 2004. E-mail:

Adelle Hall  12319

Mrs. Hall is our Pre-Kindergarten Teacher. She has attended University of Phoenix and Shasta College with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education. Mrs. Hall has nine years of experience in education and has been at Redding Christian School since 2006. E-mail:

Angie Henderson

Angie Henderson is the school’s Finance Manager where she puts her gifts of administration to good use. She has been with RCS since December 2017. E-mail:

Chris Henderson

Chris Henderson does the schools janitorial and maintenance. He keeps the campus and classrooms looking great. He is everyone‚Äôs favorite ‚ÄúMr. Fix It.‚Ä̬† He has been at RCS since 2016.

Beth Healy 12413

Mrs. Healy is a retired kindergarten teacher who spent many years with us here at Redding Christian School and other places during her career. She has returned as one of our kindergarten classroom aids. She has been with RCS since 2014.

Janet Henry  12441

Mrs. Henry is teaches Middle School Bible and Math. She has her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University and has been with Redding Christian School since 1991. E-mail:

Larinda Deaver  

Mrs. Deaver is the Office Manager at Redding Christian School. She keeps the office running smoothly and can often be found coaching a variety of athletic teams. She has been with Redding Christian School since 2005. E-mail:

Carla King   12447

Mrs. King teaches high school English and is the NHS advisor.  She acquired her Bachelor of Arts from York College of Pennsylvania and her Masters in Education from Simpson University.  Mrs. King has her professional Life-time ACSI Certificate.  She has been with Redding Christian School since 1997. E-mail:

Clara Law

Mrs. Law teaches High School and Middle School English. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English with minors in Education and Outdoor Leadership from Simpson University. She has her CA teaching credentials in English Language Arts. Mrs. Law joined RCS in 2019.  Email: 

Janet Magly 12137

Mrs. Magly is our Elementary Reading Aide. She also supervises students during their recess and lunch and is the Kindergarten Extended Day Supervisor. She has been with Redding Christian School since 2006.

Adam Moore 1202571

Mr. Moore teaches Middle and High school Art and Graphic Design. With a BFA in Education degree from Eastern Michigan University, he taught in Chicago area high schools for seven years. Mr. Moore earned his M.A. in Education for Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University. He has a passion for both 2D and 3D art in addition to graphic design. He has been with the RCS family since 2014. E-mail:

Michelle Moore 12413

Mrs. Moore has a BA degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Biblical Studies from North Central University. She taught for seven years in Chicago, Illinois before relocating to Redding to join the Primary school team. She earned her M.A. in Education for Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University. She joined the Redding Christian School family in 2014. E-mail:

Dana Nichols

Ms. Nichols joined RCS in 2020 as our Kindergarten teacher. She earned her B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies for Early Childhood through 6th grade from Abilene Christian University. E-mail:

Nichols, Kathleen

Kathleen Nichols

Mrs. Nichols teaches in the Elementary School. She acquired her BS in Elementary Education from Gordon University in 1980 and her MA in Education from Villanova University in 1989. She has been teaching since 1985 and has been with the RCS family since 2015. E-mail:

Kathy Orr

Mrs. Kathy Orr is teaching 5th grade as part of RCS. Mrs. Orr has experience teaching at all levels including periodic part time teaching positions at Shasta College and Simpson University. We are very excited to have her as part of the RCS family. Mrs. Orr originally started with RCS on a part time basis in 1998. She was full time for many years before stepping away in 2016 for a short time, returning again in 2018. E-mail:

Andrew Paradis

It is hard to capture everything Mr. Paradis has taught, but he primarily teaches Science classes,  supplements our computer classes and could be found teaching a section of mathematics. Mr. Paradis has been in Christian Education since 1992 and joined RCS in the fall of 2018. Mr. Paradis has a B.S. in Natural Sciences from Washington Baptist Teacher College and ACSI certification. E-mail: 

Gerald Piper

Mr. Piper is the school’s Athletic Director and teaches weight training and health. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies from Shasta Bible College, a Bachelor of Arts from Simpson University and his ACSI Certification. He has been with Redding Christian since 2008. E-mail:

  Erika Piper

Mrs. Piper is the Elementary School Principal. She has her Bachelor of Arts in Health Education, her California Teaching Credential, California Administrative Services credential and her ACSI Administrator Certificate. Her graduate work is in Curriculum and Instruction. She has been in education since 1998 and has been with Redding Christian School since 2008. E-mail:

Richard Schneck   12460

Mr. Schneck teachers Government, Economics, Geography, Driver’s Training and Administration of Justice. He acquired his Bachelor of Arts from Simpson University and has his California Teaching Credential and ACSI Certification. He has been with Redding Christian School since 2002. E-mail:¬†

Monica Spillane

Mrs. Spillane is the high school Spanish instructor. Maestra Spillane is a native Spanish speaker with her BA in Spanish from UC-Davis and an MA in Spanish from Cal. State in Sacramento. She has experiences teaching Spanish in a dual immersion program she launched at the elementary school level all the way up to teaching at Simpson University. She started working with us at RCS in 2018. E-mail:

Brian 2016Brian Steffen

Mr. Steffen is the Middle and High School Principal. He earned his undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Secondary Education from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, in 2010 earned his M.A. in Christian Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and earned his M.Ed. in Educational Administration from Grand Canyon University in 2022. Mr. Steffen has been working in administration since 2002 and also serves as our College Counselor. He joined the RCS family in 2014. E-mail:

Kathy Stevens

Mrs. Stevens is on our Middle School team teaching Science. She has B.A. Liberal Arts with multiple subject teacher credential and endorsements in English and P.E. through Chico State. Mrs. Stevens has worked both part and full-time with RCS since 2011. E-mail:

Ryan Swan

Mr. Swan joined Redding Christian School in 2019 with his B.A. in Education and completed his M.A. in Education from Simpson University. He has his Social Studies single subject CA credential and is currently teaching Middle and High School History, and is the faculty advisor for the high school eSport team. Email:

Kaylene Tate

Mrs. Tate is a Simpson University graduate and has been working in the office at RCS since 2006. E-mail: 

Erica Wyse

Mrs. Wyse teaches Middle School English and Language Arts. She has her B.A. from UC-Irvine and M.A. in Religion from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. She has TESL certificate from Irvine as well. Mrs. Wyse has experience working with ESL students and students with learning differences. Mrs. Wyse has been the RCS swim coach since 2011 and joined RCS in the classroom in 2016. E-mail: