College Preparation and Resources

College Preparation and Resources:

It is a goal of Redding Christian School to assist our students in their pursuit of higher education. To help facilitate this, RCS offers several classes and resources.

Juniors and Seniors are able to dual enroll with a college or university to take online courses and are able to utilize the Media Center for that purpose. College classes taken during high school receive high school and college credit. Students can also engage in preparing for CLEP testing. CLEP is a nationally accredited program used by over 2900 colleges and universities allowing students to test out of undergraduate college coursework. If students decide to CLEP a course, that particular course will be accepted by any college/university for that subject. It will NOT be put into the “elective” category if it is a core academic class. CLEP offers 33 exams in five subject areas, covering material taught in courses that you may generally take in your first two years of college.

RCS offers AP courses. Students who complete AP coursework are eligible to take the AP test for that course. Students who pass the AP test may be given college credit for the course provided the university of their choice accepts AP test scores.

Scholarship Resources:

It is never too early in your high school career to begin your college and scholarship search. We are fortunate to have free access to College Options, a local grant-funded organization dedicated to helping north state high school students attend college or university. They assist in many areas, including college applications and financial aid. You can access them at

College Options schedules information nights especially for parents of private school and charter school students.  This meeting offers information on finances for college as well as FAFSA information.  Check for this year’s schedule.

Other helpful resources can be found at, a website that offers assistance in finding scholarships and other valuable financial aid information at no cost, and

Each year RCS gives two scholarships to graduating seniors, the Board Scholarship and the Founder’s Scholarship. As various scholarship information comes through the Guidance Counselor’s Office it is passed along to students along with important dates for SAT and ACT testing.