The arts come ALIVE at Redding Christian School because we believe every student is a masterful creation, made to live and express the craftsmanship of our amazing Creator!

Elementary Music Program

We have a comprehensive K-5th grade music program which includes vocal and performance technique, music theory, instrumentation, listening and appreciation, as well as a whole lot of fun! Elementary students from Kindergarten through 4th grade receive music instruction weekly. With a focus on music appreciation, students learn music and singing games from different cultures and American Folk songs. Basic note reading and rhythm skills are learned as well as rhythm instruments. Fourth grade students learn the recorder and students in 5th grade participate in beginning band. All students participate in class chapels and the Christmas Program each year.

We are the only school in Shasta County offering the opportunity for students aged 9 through 18 to be in the same full-scale, Broadway style musical production! Every year, since 2005, we have produced these musicals performed on the Cascade Theatre stage. These shows are performed for the public and have drawn a following from not only our school and parents, but community members as well.

Elementary Art

Taught by local artists, Elementary Art is a journey through the basic elements of art. Beginning with 45 minutes each week in Kindergarten and one hour each week for 1st through 5th grades, a foundation is created that progresses as students move through the grades. The concentration is on art, not crafts, though teachers and parent volunteers often will do craft type projects at other times. Fun projects are chosen but basic fundamentals of art are being learned, such as, shape, color, designing and balance in a drawing. A variety of media are also used, from crayons to paint, to give students a rich experience with art.


The High School has a vocal performance elective. Students enrolled in this class learn a variety of musical styles, vocal techniques, theory, and performance skills. They participate in chapels, Christmas and Spring concerts, as well as travel to the ACSI Musicale Festival and adjudication in Sacramento, and share their voices with the elderly and disabled in local care facilities.


Our Band elective is offered to students in grades 5-12. Fifth-grade students have the opportunity to learn an instrument in our beginning band. Middle School students continue their growth in our Intermediate Band program. 

High School Band performs a variety of genres from classical concert pieces to fan-inspiring pep selections at various athletic events. Intermediate and Concert Bands participate in the annual ACSI festival in Sacramento. Concert Band travels to Anaheim every other year to perform in festivals, participate in outreach, and play in (and have fun at) Disneyland.


Our Musical unites ages 9 through 18 in a full-scale Broadway-style production for the Cascade Theatre stage. These shows are performed for the public and have drawn a following from not only our school and parents, but also community members.

Redding Christian School offers opportunities to learn theater in several ways. Our Musical takes place in the fall and is open to 3rd through 12th-grade students. The Spring Drama is open to middle and high school students and a Drama elective is offered to high school students.

Additionally, we offer a classroom drama elective in High School where students learn the foundation of the entire dramatic process.

Recent productions:

      Little Women, 2023/2024

      Into the Woods

      Mary Poppins Jr., 2022/2023 

      Oklahoma, 2021/2022 

      CANCELLED due to Covid, 2020/2021 

      CANCELLED due to Covid, 2019/2020  

      Beauty And The Beast, 2018/2019 

      The Music Man, 2017/2018 

      Annie, 2016/2017 

      Little Mermaid Jr., 2015/2016 

      Hello Dolly, 2014/2015 


Art is offered to middle and high school students. In addition, a Graphic Design class is offered to high school students. Students learn about art history, becoming familiar with a variety of classical and modern artists in combination with various art movements. Art and Graphic Design are places for students to learn and examine the elements and principles of visual design while using that experience in the creation of their own individual artwork. Creative thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to take risks are strongly encouraged.