Redding Christian School welcomes international students into their academic program. International students come to RCS for many reasons. Some come with their family for a short period of time. Others come for their entire four years of high school with the goal of attending an American university. This being the case, we have two options for international students to enroll at RCS.

International Students earning a diploma:

In order to attend Redding Christian School, international students must be issued a Form I-20, “Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant (F-1) Student Status.” The Form I-20 is needed to apply for the F-1 visa at United States consulates and embassies abroad, apply for change of non-immigrant status in the United States to F-1, or secure permission to transfer to Redding Christian School from another school in the United States in continued F-1 status. To receive a Form I-20, students must:

  1. Receive official admission from Redding Christian School
  2. Complete and return all forms as required by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service
  3. Upon its review of the student application and required official documentation and registration fee, the determination of whether to issue the Form I-20 will be made by Redding Christian School

International students transferring into Redding Christian High School from an accredited school will have their earned academics transferred to a Redding Christian School transcript. All classes taken in international schools will be reviewed to determine if full credit will be awarded.  In most cases, students will be given five (5) credits for each semester of work completed.

International students will be given full credit for each year of mathematics they have taken.  Full credit will be awarded in the sciences.  However, all transfer international students must take a lab science at RCS to complete graduation requirements.

It is our desire that the international student be successful in their educational endeavor.  We will allow one quarter before giving them actual grades In order to help them in the adjustment to the culture and language.  They are to be given a “P” for the work done.  The 2nd quarter will be considered their semester grade and credits will be issued accordingly.

Requirement for sports eligibility will be the same as all other RCS students.

International Students enrolled for “enrichment” purposes only:

International students who are enrolled at RCS for “enrichment” purposes only must declare this at the time of their enrollment.  The “enrichment” program may be required of students who are not able to complete the standard California requirements for graduation. These students are to be included in all classroom activities and complete as many of the assignments as possible within their abilities.  The student will be given a “P” passing grade if he completes the work.  Each student is to be evaluated as to the language or academic challenges that may exist.

Requirements for sports are dependent upon the student’s effort and behavior within the classroom.

Please see the High School Curriculum Overview page for detailed information about the classes offered at Redding Christian School. If you are interested in becoming an international student at Redding Christian School, please contact [email protected].